More guests…

Heterometrus longimanus or the Malaysian forest scorpion…I think.

Found this guy in the back of my garden, I took the picture after I returned from the house, this time with flip flops on ;). They are beautiful animals but I do have a problem with having them in my garden. Especialy since my 2 year old son tends to walk around bare foot like me. I had a brilliant and noble plan of taking the scorpion out of the garden and letting it go in some more appropriate spot in the neighbourhood. Alas when I came out of my drive way with it in a box, an idealic scene straight from a movie played out in front of my eyes, imagine: sunshine, greenery,  sevaral small childeren playing with a ball and their favorite pet labrador. I thought “I cant release a scorpion here and so the story ended for it right there…


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