More guests…

Heterometrus longimanus or the Malaysian forest scorpion…I think.

Found this guy in the back of my garden, I took the picture after I returned from the house, this time with flip flops on ;). They are beautiful animals but I do have a problem with having them in my garden. Especialy since my 2 year old son tends to walk around bare foot like me. I had a brilliant and noble plan of taking the scorpion out of the garden and letting it go in some more appropriate spot in the neighbourhood. Alas when I came out of my drive way with it in a box, an idealic scene straight from a movie played out in front of my eyes, imagine: sunshine, greenery,  sevaral small childeren playing with a ball and their favorite pet labrador. I thought “I cant release a scorpion here and so the story ended for it right there…

Wet season is over.

Last couple of months I have been stuck in Kuching. With the rain it was difficult to find the right time to go out of the city. This weekend I managed to finally get out of the city. Took a short trip to our longhouse near Saratok to clean up before the Gawai Dayak festival at the end of this month. Saratok it has to be admitted is not much of a tourist place though in itself the town is quite nice. I have found something I did not expect there though. A good laksa 😉 Which I am adding to the list of Laksas from Kuching.

Ps: I promise to get back to some more useful and interesting sites and topics than the laksa list soon.

Sirikin Market

Finally had time to put in something new, though the Sirikin marjket is not exackly a big topic. It’s interesting to see once for tourists who are free on the weekend and don’t know what else to see.


Best Laksa in Kuching

Update: A few places have been checked now, so far my favorite remains the “sunday market” laksa served in a food court behind Banquet in 3 1/2  mile. I suppose the original Sunday Market laksa should be just as good or better, just not sure which part of the Sunday market to look in 😦


Bengoh Bamboo Bridges

Very pretty and unique place to visit. Deep valleys, quick mountain rivers and awesome bamboo bridges, what more could you want?

The full story here.

Forth Margherita

An easy and short trip to take if you are in Kuching, well worth doing, as i discovered last week end…after being in Kuching for 3 years.

Fort Margherita

Kalimantan Barat

Just finished, it was a trip I took earlier this year but never had the time to describe and edit for the blog. So here it is Kalimantan Barat (should spell Barrat if you were to go with the pronunciation).