Best Laksa in Kuching

Update: A few places have been checked now, so far my favorite remains the “sunday market” laksa served in a food court behind Banquet in 3 1/2  mile. I suppose the original Sunday Market laksa should be just as good or better, just not sure which part of the Sunday market to look in 😦



Bengoh Bamboo Bridges

Very pretty and unique place to visit. Deep valleys, quick mountain rivers and awesome bamboo bridges, what more could you want?

The full story here.

Forth Margherita

An easy and short trip to take if you are in Kuching, well worth doing, as i discovered last week end…after being in Kuching for 3 years.

Fort Margherita

Kalimantan Barat

Just finished, it was a trip I took earlier this year but never had the time to describe and edit for the blog. So here it is Kalimantan Barat (should spell Barrat if you were to go with the pronunciation).

Trip to Bukit Sadok

Just finished uploading the page about Bukit Sadok, the Iban “Holy” mountain.

More tattoo pictures

Added a few more pictures of tattoos from a recent trip to the Bukit Sadok area.

Gunung Serapi

Finaly managed to upload the pictures from Gunung Serapi, in the mean time I have also been at the rainforest festival here in Kuching ans climbed both Mt. Santubong and Bukit Sadok, more coming.

added: Bidayuh longhouse in Mongkos

One of the last standing Bidayuh longhouses, and as far as I know the best preserved. This great example of traditional bornean architecture is 80 years old, and the wood used to build it was taked directly from a much older structure.

Updated tattoo story

Sorry for the long break, the internet here has been working very badly for the past month and on top of it my computer decided to pack up with all my photos still in it. But I was able to add a new story to the page about tattoos. This story is an Iban myth explaining the source of tattoos among the Ibans. It is just one of at least 3 explonations which I have heard so far. Each has it’s own merits and pitfalls, I am still looking into the subject and planning more work on it.

The down side of living in the tropics.

There are many upsides to living in the tropics, mainly the warmth, the lush green landscapes  (ok mainly outside the cities) etc, but there are also some problems.

We moved into a new house quite recently (4 months or so), at this time we were aware that there were some termites (being dealt with), we also knew there were some bats living in one of our upstairs windows (they moved out quite soon as there was too much noise for them), we knew there was some rats in the area and we knew there was plenty of birds and geckos everywhere.

On Tuesday however we got a visitor we were not expecting:

Common malayan Racer, Coleognatus Flavolineatus. Non poisonous, growing to 1.8 meters feeds on rats, mice, frogs and small birds.

Common Malayan Racer, Coleognatus Flavolineatus. Non poisonous, growing to 1.8 meters feeds on rats, mice, frogs and small birds.

At the time I didn’t have a camera with me, nor was I thinking about getting pictures so the picture is taken from this page:

Our snake was quite small and was easily persuaded to crawl out the door. It was also not poisonous (although I didn’t know this at the time) however it is not this snake that worries me, it is the fact that it managed to get into our dining room, combined with the fact that cobras are much more common in this neighbourhood 😦 I guess have to be more careful next time.