Ah Chin Cafe in Saratok

Ah Chin Cafe in Saratok (shoplots behind Mega Inn)

Ah Chin Cafe (Saratok)

Toppings 5 out of 5

The prawns were cooked very well and there was not 1 not 2 not…ok so there was 8 prawns. Chicken and sprouts were also cooked just right. And apart from the normal slivers of egg, there was a soft boiled egg in the laksa.Boiled just enough so it doesn’t fall apart and change the taste of the soup. Interesting idea.

Noodles 4 out of 5

Good for me but still a little tougher than that elusive local softness standard.

Soup 3 out of 5

Well ok, the soup base was ok but not really great. The sambal made it better but since I do not normally use any it would be unfair to take it into account.

Total 12 out of 15

Good result over all especially since usually the laksa outside of Kuching in small towns is disappointing (in my experience so far), this one was anything but disappointing.


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