Foody Goody Cafe (Near Kuching Specialist Hospital)

Foody Goody Cafe

Foody Goody Laksa

Toppings 4 out of 5

Prawns were big and well cooked, there was also plenty of chicken and egg, the deduction is for the chicken which didn’t seem fresh and had a slightly unpleasant taste.

Noodles 4 out of 5

The proper laksa noodle was used and it was quite well cooked. Could have been marginally softer though.

Soup base 2 out of 5

Watery and “over engineered”. Owners of the stall obviously have tried hard to make the laksa recipe better and more unique, they failed and made it taste something akin to a curry. it may be to the liking of those who like heavily spiced curries but it does a poor job of being a laksa. On top of that the owners seem to want to capitalize on their former glory and water down the base to squeeze a few more bowls out of it…very bad mistake.

Total 10 out of 15

The Foody Goody Laksa is quite regularly mentioned as the best laksa in Kuching. In my mind it is entirely undeservedly so. The soup base which to me is the most important part of the dish as it ties it together was too weak, this meant that the noodles although prepared very well were tasteless as well. i have been told recently that the place used to be better, perhaps it is true and this used to be the best laksa in town but it is not so any more. My last note is that the laksa here is more expensive than in other places.


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