Jalan Song Laksa (at RH Plaza)

Jalan Song Laksa at RH Plaza

Rh Plaza laksa

Toppings 4 out of 5

Fresh, well cooked and a fair amount. If you get the largest bowl there is a whole chicken leg on top of it 😉 but of course for the test I chose the middle size as usual.

Noodle 3 out of 5

I am not fussy but for the Kuching crowd the noodle was ok only. A bit too hard I guess.

Soup 3 out of 5

I like the taste, it’s a nice mixture, to be perfectly honest though  it could be thicker.

Total 10 out of 15

I used to come here quite a lot when I lived near by. The laksa was better in those times. It was cooked and served by a middle aged Chinese lady, now some younger guys took over, perhaps sons or just her staff, either way they are not as consistent at getting it right.


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