Khatulistiva Laksa (waterfront)

Khatulistiva Laksa

Laksa as served in Khatulistiva, the normal verison not the King Prawn version
The normal version, not the King Prawn one.

Toppings 3 out of 5

A bit skimpy though quite well cooked.

Noodle 3 out of 5

Noodle was ok, not much different to any other place.

Soup Base 3 out of 5

Not bad but not great either.

Total 9 out of 15

Nothing great about it, I do not take the price into account when grading but it must be said you can get a better laksa for half the price somewhere else. it is a good place to sit though with some breeze blowing through from the river.  And quite frankly I have been told before the place has awful food and this dish was…not awful, average yes, nothing special yes, but not actually bad. Still stands head and shoulders above that god forsaken place next to the water board bill paying office.


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