“Old immigration” Laksa

“Old immigration” Laksa

Served in the morning only, underneath where the Immigration place used to be some years ago.

Toppings 2 out of 5

Nice sized prawns but they were overcooked quite a bit so not too enjoyable.

Noodle 2 out of 5

A bit tough, even for an orang puteh that doesn’t know anything about soft noodles 😉

Soup Base 5 out of 5

Yep you’ve read it right I gave it 5 out of 5. I really liked the soup not too thick, not too thin and has a good flavor to it.

Total 9 out of 15

Pity about the toppings and the noodles, because this place has some potential. Also served in the same food court is good traditional porridge served with lots of small bowls of different foods. If you want to find this place go to the shop lots across the streets from the MAS office. Right at the end of the row on the corner there is a place called Secret Recipe, turn the corner and go straight another 150 meters, that is all the way to the end of the buildings. That is where the immigration office used to be (so I am told) and that is where the food court is. I especially like this place for rice porridge served in the morning through to lunch.


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