Riz’Zae Cafe (in the area where imigration used to be, close to the waterboard payment offices)

Riz’Zae Cafe (in the area where immigration used to be, close to the water board payment offices)

Riz Zae laksa, don’t bother

Toppings 1 out of 5

The amount was a bit small but this was not as much of a disaster as the fact the prawns were crunchy (frozen) on the inside.

Noodle 3 out of 5

Cooked ok, not grate not bad, nothing to add on the noodle.

Soup base 1 out of 5

I might as well have been served a bowl of noodles soaked in warm water. No taste at all. They give you a lot of sambal on the side, I mean a lot. And with good reason too, you will need all of it to give the soup any taste at all.

Total 5 out of 15

This was a useful experience to make me realize my scoring system works (previously I had been worried all the scores seem to fall around 10-13). And while I am still looking for the best laksa in town I think I may have found the worst one already. This was by far the worst laksa I have ever had and this includes the hotel laksa’s as well which usually have a poor standard. By the way I have had other dishes in the place before and they are…the same, I really don’t advise anyone to eat there, the Jade pot caffe near by is a much better choice.

Ps: who the hell serves laksa with a European fork and spoon combination?



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