“Sunday market” Laksa (behind Banquet)

“Sunday market” Laksa behind Banquet

food court behind banquet
Laksa at the food court behind Banquet

Toppings 3 out of 5

Average, no complaints about the cooking or amount but nothing special.

Noodle 5 out of 5

Noodle was perfect, cooked to be soft but not overcooked. There was nothing more I could require of it so I gave it a 5

Soup base 5 out of 5

Very good flavor, rich, smooth while still quite hot.

Total 13 out of 15

Very good place, not going to be great for those of you that concentrate on the prawns but in my view the prawns are not as important as good soup base.  Quite good to take someone to try out sarawak laksa, it is however only open in the mornings. The soup has a bit more santan than is usual for laksa, I did not take points away for this for two reasons: 1 it works the soup is good, 2 santan is one of the original ingredients so they have not messed with the recepie but simply altered the proportions and if this is not enough look point 1.


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  1. Located at tar-zen food centre.better come early.:)

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