Fruit still in bunches, note the internal structure


This is one of my favorite local fruit. There are a few sub varieties which vary in taste, size and colour a bit but one description can easily apply to all of them. Especially as most people who see them for the first time would not be able to tell the varieties apart. The fruit is most commonly the size of a small plum. It has a thin yellow skin. The skin contains a slightly bitter white juice, to avoid it press the fruit from two sides near the stem untill the internal pressure tears the skin on its own, in those cases the white juice doesn not come out. The Langsat contains about 5 segments each one with a small seed. One or two segments may contain a bigger seed (perhaps these are the only ones which can germinate?). The flesh is a soft clear grape like jelly, it is sweet but not overly so and has a nice sour tone mixed in thus making it a similar sort of fruit to most fruit in the northern regions of the world. We have a few of these trees in the garden and I am pleased to report that though they can get to about 15-20 metres in height they are usually quite easy to climb.  A big problem with these fruit is that they do not last at all. If you buy them dry at the market you can eat them on the day or maybe up to two days later. If they get wet you have only hours before they start to spoil.

Like me, my son loves the fruit, here he is trying to demnostrate how to open one

Ps: There is a larger variety, about the size of a peach, it tastes the same and the fruit has the same structure but the skin is thicker.




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  1. The bigger version is called a buah duku, buah is local word for fruit. It is generally sweeter than langsat and has less of the tangy taste. I prefer duku but it is quite hard to find now as the trees grow very big before they mature and hence most people don’t bother to plant them. Kalimantan Barat has a variant of langsat which is called langsat susu (milk). It does not have the tangy taste at all. The purist prefers the local langsat as it is considered to have more “character”

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