Basket of Pakan fruit


Pakan is the Iban name of the fruit, this is the only name I know. If anyone knows the English name it would be appreciated. Essentially this fruit is a smaller less intense version of Durian. It is similar in many aspects such as the internal structure of the fruit, the hard spiky skin and the smell. However I have to admit that the smell is no where near as bad, not sure about the taste. The outside of a ripe fruit is orange as are the edible segments inside. The tree it comes from is also smaller (10-20m) than a Durian tree and it may well be the easiest tree in the world to climb, hence at least I get some fun out of harvesting it 😉

The edible segments from inside Pakan fruit


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  1. This is interesting. In Northern Sarawak, this durian is called Nyekak.

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