Sirikin is a small town on the border with Indonesia in the Bau area. Unlike Tebedu/Entikong crossing here there is a market regularly selling a vast range of products. Most people from the Kuching area have been here at some point in time. The traders from Kuching waterfront who sell crafts to tourists are regulars here. Most baskets of the Bidayuh origin are available here for about half price of that on the waterfront.

Main street of the market

However before you pack you bags and head out you need to know a couple other things. First of all this is a regular market open everyday, Saturday and Sunday is best but some people are there all week. It opens a bit later than you would normal expect with this kind of thing, we got there at 8 and it was still pretty empty. By about 10 it is in full swing. More importantly however, if you are a tourist that is, it is a market meant for the locals, that means stalls of plastic buckets, Muslim veils, batik shirts, cheap perfumes, cheap toys and of course some food stalls. There is only a few stalls selling craft items like matts, ratan furniture or baskets, and their choice is limited. So if you are a tourist most items here will hold no interest whatsoever for you


Cheap jewelry from Indonesia

Local spices, in the foreground cinnamon further back dried shrimps (tesar)

The trip is worth making if you are going to the Wind caves as it is very close by. It is also worth visiting the market regularly if you are a collector of woven crafts, it is not worth going if all you want is one piece at a lower price than in the city 🙂 It takes abiout 1.5 hours to get there from Kuching by car.


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