Welcome to my blog, I have set it up to inform my friends and family (and anyone else who stumbles in here) of my daily activities and as a way of sharing new pictures, however at some point it got away from me. Now it is more of a tourists guide to some interesting places in Borneo as well as some background information on the Island.

An update: this blog was largely written when I was living in Sarawak from 2007-2012 roughly. I have now (July 2015) been in Singapore for the last three years (and still staying for another two) so I add to the blog very rarely and some of the information may not be accurate. I leave it up for whatever value people may still find in it and the material contained but I would advise double checking details of places before visiting. For example as of july 2015 the Bengoh dam is still not flooded but it seems all the obstacles have now been removed so if you go to visit the bamboo bridges in a few months don’t be surprised if there is a lake instead.

Anyway if you do have any questions I will still try to answer, but sometimes it may take a couple of weeks 😉




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  1. hello, i’ll be doing a documentary on Bungai terung tattoo. so i would like to ask for your help, because you write pretty well about Iban’s tattoo. where should i go best to dig in more about the meaning of tattoos…because i would like to see more of the Bungai terung tattoo..

    • Probably the best person to talk to is Ernesto Kalum, he is an Iban tattoo artist who has been doing it for a while and has done some research into the tradition of the art you can contact him through his web page: http://www.borneoheadhunter.com

      PS: though I have to say doing an entire documentary on one tattoo design may be excessive 😉

  2. Hi. I was reading yr entry on your trip to Lubok Antu. May I ask whether you drove there from Kuching and is that the only way to get there? Also, would you know anything about a place called Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary and how to get there? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time

    • Hi, yes I drove from Kuching, its not a very long drive and there is no way to get lost as there is only one road most of the way 😉 It takes about 3 hours to get there. You can also take a bus to the town so there are other options. I do not know too much about Lanjak Entimau though, it is a very large (200 000 hectares) wildlife sanctuary, I am not sure if it is accesible to visitors and I am not sure where the HQ for it is. Some of the information should be fairly easily available on the internet, if not you will have to contact the Sarawak Forrestry dept.

  3. Hi – very nice tuak recipe! What should be the proportions for making the own yeast from bakery yeast, Rice flour, cinnamon and ginger? Would love to make tuak at home in Europe. Cheers

    • Hi, sorry but the yeast is the part i know the least about. Unlike Tuak the yeast is not made in most homes, rather it is bought from people who specialize in it and sell it in local markets. Normal baking yeast is NOT the way to go though, I have already tested that idea… I have a suspicion that the yeast is natural, that is it is that which is normally found on the outside of the rice grains when it grows. So theoretically just plain rice flour with other ingredients for flavor could work.The Ragi looks like it was mixed when wet and I know it is then dried in the sun. But I have not tried to make Tuak using my own Ragi. So feel free to experiment, just keep the batches small in case of losses, and do let me know how your experiments worked out.

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